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 Since this is the Group's guiding star, the mission is carried out bearing the following objectives in mind:

General Objectives

  • Consolidate and strengthen Costa Rica's image in traditional markets such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, and Italy.
  • Open new markets, promoting stable tourism throughout the year. For example: Chile, Colombia, Argentina, England, Portugal, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, and Mexico.
  • Provide support to educational seminars that will be offered in the target markets.
  • Achieve the lowest cost possible in reaching our goals.
  • Provide training to the tourism industry to improve and make the quality of service more professional.
  • Market Costa Rica as an attractive destination the year round.

Specific Objectives

  • Reconcile our objectives with the promotional work that the Costa Rican Tourism Institute does.
  • Assist the written press and television in preparing special programs about Costa Rica and provide follow-up.
  • Establish the appropriate mechanisms such as communications media that make it possible to monitor the spread of external and internal information.
  • Bring about more active participation by the Costa Rican embassies and consulates in relation to the activities that the Group holds in the priority markets.
  • Unify the advertising material to make it possible to identify Costa Rica as a destination with a broad array of attractions.
  • Prepare printed material to provide support to each of the presentations made by the Group.
  • Provide the support needed for "fam" trips to our target markets.
  • Actively participate in fairs, trade shows, workshops and other events.
  • Coordinate the details and logistics for the events in which the Group participates.
  • Find and manage financing.
  • Give seminars directed at the industry for a better understanding of how to open up new markets.
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