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The Pro Imagen Costa Rica Group

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In 1994, a group of entrepreneurial sales managers from different companies in the tourism industry in Costa Rica, concerned about the need to improve how Costa Rica is marketed as a tourist destination, took the initiative to dynamically join forces and resources.

The first meetings were attended by 10 executives in a setting full of friendliness and camaraderie where they shared experiences, techniques and information that would make them more professional in performing their respective duties.

They made a visionary bet on team work, on a team that would join the private sector with the state sector in an effort to achieve a sole objective: "Promote Costa Rica."

With their sights set on this horizon, after scheduling multiple joint efforts and activities, the group continued to grow until there were 30 participants. At that time, the need to appoint a committee became clear. The committee would guide the group efforts and lead projects to benefit the country and all the participants.

In 1997, we became theAsociación Grupo Pro Imagen, and today we have 83 associates, representing the different sectors in the tourism industry such as: hotels, travel agencies, car rental agencies, tourism services, tourism advisors, etc.

Based on the Association's bylaws, a Board of Directors is elected for a period of one year. The Board uses a work plan to bring together all the associates into commissions that work voluntarily to achieve the proposed objectives.

The contribution by the associates in Grupo Pro Imagen de Costa Rica is used to continue working on efforts to achieve more efficient and proactive marketing for our country to benefit the tourism industry.


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