California travel agents trained in Costa Rica travel

With the internet flooded with travel websites, it’s easy to think that no one needs travel agents anymore. But in fact, travel specialists have become more important than ever for personalized service and luxurious touches on trips.

Members of the Pro Image Costa Rica Group recently visited three major cities in California to inspire hundreds of travel specialists and their clients to travel to Costa Rica. Educational Travel Agents Seminars were held in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego from July 21 to 24, 2015, attended by travel agents, travel wholesalers and airline partners interested in learning how to sell Costa Rica vacations.

“We had very high quality agencies and tourism companies attending, who were seriously interested in business in Costa Rica. We are very pleased with the results,” commented Daniel Chavarria, president of the Pro Image Costa Rica Group.

California is a market that has a lot of interest for Costa Rica. We are really content that so many people came, even more than planned.”


Grupo Proimagen seminar at the San Diego Marriott in California

More than 300 travel agents in all three California cities eagerly learned how to sell Costa Rica travel, attending events of dinners, cocktail receptions, trade shows and sales meetings. The three high-profile travel events were supported by leading travel wholesalers to Costa Rica, including Pleasant Holidays, Festival Tours, Passport Costa Rica and Apple Vacations, and representatives from United Airlines, Avianca, Copa Airlines and Alaska Airlines – all solid partners with regular flights to Costa Rica from the U.S.

Costa Rica aerial image, by Daniel ChavarriaCosta Rican tourism companies made valuable contacts eager to do business in groups, weddings, health tourism, honeymoons, fishing and incentive travel, Chavarria noted.

The Pro Image Costa Rica Group is an alliance of tourism companies that promote tourism in Costa Rica as an attractive destination internationally. With the support of the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT), since 1997, the Pro Image Costa RicaGroup has strengthened Costa Rica’s image in traditional markets such as the United States, Canada, Germany, and Spain, and is opening new tourism markets in South America, Europe and Asia.

Future Educational Travel Agents Seminars will be held from Sept. 22 to 25, 2015 in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore in the USA, and later this year in South America and Mexico.

“We thank the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT), the wholesalers and airlines who joined us and gave us their support, and also the partners who participated by sending their promotional material which was delivered to every travel agent. We wish good business for everyone!” stated the Pro Image Costa Rica Group.

Article by Shannon Farley