International News Articles Spotlighting Costa Rica as the place to be in 2017

Costa Rica rated at the top of the Happiness Index, photo credit pexels.

Costa Rica rated at the top of the Happiness Index, photo credit pexels.

Have you visited Costa Rica yet?  Why put it off any longer?  Don’t take it from us, read these recent international news articles about Costa Rica, ranging in topics from effective healthcare, ethical travel and natural beauty, and let them inspire you to leave that cubicle behind and book your trip today.

Need some dental work done? Maybe you’ve been curious about that Lasik eye surgery, or even some cosmetic touch ups.  How about having procedures done in Costa Rica, and convalescing with a view of the volcanoes or the soothing sounds of the ocean.  Medical tourism has been attracting visitors for many years, due to high quality care at a lower cost.  This recent article by a retired physician from the US living in Costa Rica confirms why it is still an attractive option.


Medical tourism is an option when visiting Costa Rica, image credit vimeo.Medical tourism is an option when visiting Costa Rica, image credit vimeo.

Costa Rica has been known as a green destination for many years, and it was in the news in 2016 for running exclusively on renewable energy for 76 straight days.  Even though there is much work to be done, the country is committed to becoming carbon neutral.  For travelers concerned about their carbon footprint, there are hoteliers and tour operators certified as sustainable by independent entities, and touring some of their waste management systems and other initiatives can be a learning experience.


Wind Turbine, photo credit pexels.

There are several projects in Costa Rica that harness wind’s power and convert it to energy, photo credit pexels.

Happiness is another factor Costa Rica has come to be known for, coming up close to the top or top of various happiness indexes worldwide.  How do they measure such a relative concept though?  Life expectancy, access to education and healthcare and sustainability are some factors the Happy Planet Index took to name it at the top of the list for 2016.


Fabulous Friday farmer's market in Atenas, Costa Rica

Fabulous Friday farmer’s market in Atenas, Costa Rica

Nowadays it’s not enough to be an environmentally conscious traveler, many are seeking to be socially conscious as well.  By visiting developing countries that are doing things right in terms of social welfare, human and animal rights and conservation, you can support in their efforts.  Costa Rica was named on the list of ethical travel destinations for 2017.  Try some rural tourism, visit a mountain where stray dogs run free while waiting for their forever home and stay at an nature friendly eco-lodge.


“Farm-to-table” fresh cuisine served at Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin.

The start of a new year brings with it resolutions, and the most popular self-improvement resolution is to lose weight and become healthier.  In alignment with this resolution, this CNN article names Costa Rica as one of the top destinations to get fit in the new year.  It mentions trekking and rafting as well as bodyboarding.  Add surfing, hiking, paddle boarding, yoga and you have a getaway that will help you shed those holiday pounds, and inspire you to get active all year.


I Breathe Fitness retreats in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.I Breathe Fitness retreats in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

These recent articles offer a glimpse of Costa Rica’s diverse offering and how it has something for everyone.  Let go of your expectations and open yourself up to new opportunities to learn, grow, get fit, contribute and be happy in 2017.

Article by Katie Widdowson