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The Pro Image Costa Rica Group seeks to create, improve, and strengthen Costa Rica as a tourist destination through promotional and public relations efforts in different potential markets.
Nature as you’ve never seen before. It’s migration time in Costa Rica!
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Humpback Whales
After one of the longest journeys on earth humpback whales arrive in Costa Rica.
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Sea Turtles
Witness Costa Rica’s most amazing animal sight: thousands of nesting sea turtles!
Cold weather in the north always sends them packing to Costa Rica!
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Record-breaking Costa Rica tree planting generates historic carbon neutral Adventure Travel World Summit 2016 in Anchorage, Alaska
Rios Tropicales and the Costa Rican Network of Private Nature Reserves partner with Visit Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Adventure Travel Trade Association to make world adventure travel conference carbon neutral.
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The Pro Imagen Costa Rica Group and the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) will launch its next 2016 educational seminar on its promotional tour of the United States and Canada, with visits to Montreal and Toronto from October 25 to 27.
Central Pacific Birdwatching
Central Pacific Birdwatching
Just 20 minutes away from Croc’s Casino Resort in Jaco Beach, you can find the Carara National Park, Central Pacific’s jewel for birdwatching in Costa Rica. This beautiful scene has the Tarcoles River as a boundary between the Tropical Humid climate and Dry Tropical climate, which helps to create micro-climates allowing the national park to be the perfect habitat for 46% of Costa Rica's bird species. Bird watching tours are available, starting at $80 USD, where you have the opportunity to observe birds such as Trogon Bardii, Fiery-billed Aracaris, Black-crested Antbirds, Scarlet Macaws, Herons, Rufous and the White Chochin.
Discover paradise engaging with nature
The Rainforest Adventures Nature Lodge
The Rainforest Adventures Nature Lodge
Located in the Rainforest Adventures Atlantic Park, an expansive 475-hectare private reserve, the lodge shares a 2-mile border with the Braulio Carrillo National Park, and constitutes a buffer zone between the park and local farmland. The area is excellent for bird-watching, especially for birds like:
  • Ornate hawk-eagle.
  • Black and white hawk-eagle.
  • Sunbittern.
  • Brown billed scythbilled.
  • Gray headed piprites
  • Snowcap
  • Lattice tailed trogon
  • Bare-necked umbrella bird
  • Sharpbill
  • Nightingale wren
A majestic colonial Hacienda Rising from a lush coffe plantation
Costa Rica News
What To See And Do In San Jose
What To See And Do In San Jose
Many visitors flock to Costa Rica for its laid-back beach towns and supreme natural beauty. This makes the capital city of San Jose less of a destination in-and-of-itself, and more of a roadblock stopping them from getting where they want to go. Most foreign visitors enter the country through the Juan Santamaría International Airport, and spend a single night in a nearby hotel before picking up and getting out of town first thing in the morning. This is a true shame as there are so many fun and fascinating things to do in San Jose for visitors willing to undertake a slightly different brand of Costa Rican exploration.
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Whale tale
Migration Wildlife Observation opportunities coincide with Green Season in Costa Rica

The migratory capacities some animal species have is magnificent, some travel long distances in search of food, some migrate to breed or to nest. Costa Rica’s strategic location means that whales will come to warmer waters to give birth, turtles will lay their eggs and some birds will look for food sources not available in colder climates. Take advantage of migration coinciding with Costa Rica’s Green Season in order to find great deals in lodging and tours.

The Ultimate Costa Rica Migrations Map
The Ultimate Costa Rica Migrations Map

Take a look and know a little more of the areas where the most important species migrate in Costa Rica

Villa Caletas Costa Rica
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