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The Pro Image Costa Rica Group seeks to create, improve, and strengthen Costa Rica as a tourist destination through promotional and public relations efforts in different potential markets.

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Are you a lover of culture, live music, outdoor activities, theater, typical food and more? There’s no better way to know Costa Rica than experiencing all that has to offer.

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Proimagen Event

The Pro Imagen Costa Rica Group and the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) will launch its first 2017 educational seminar on its promotional tour of the United States and Canada, with visits to San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego California from March 28th to 30th.


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Birds of Tortuguero

Jacana spinosa also known as water gallinita has a polyandric behavior, the incubation is performed only by the male and lasts between 22 and 24 days. During the hottest hours of the day, the male shades the eggs and then nurses and guides the young to the feeding sites. In Costa Rica, this bird has been observed to feed almost entirely on insects; At times, feeds on small fish.

This bird is frequent in marshy ponds or floating vegetation and you can see much in the area of Tortuguero.

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Costa Rica News

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Nicoya Peninsula: Birding one of the Blue zones of the world

Very well-known because of its pristine and famous beaches, the Nicoya Peninsula it by itself a beach lovers destination, the land of the eternal sunsets. Also recent international studies added Nicoya to the list of the Blue Zones of the World, as one of the sites where people have longer life, compared to the average of the world, a very special condition related to the local life style, diet and nature. But also now Nicoya is becoming one of the top birding hotspots of Costa Rica, combining exceptional accommodations, great guides and of course easy birding for stunning and rare species.

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Costa Rica National Parks Map

Check out this cool map with all the main National Parks of Costa Rica. Don’t get lost and enjoy everything Costa Rica has to offer.

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Escape the North American climate and come to Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s lovely tropical weather can be appealing for many reasons. Not just because you’re tired of shoveling snow off your driveway every morning, but because the political climate has you down. Turn off the news and book a flight to Costa Rica and warm your body and soul.

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TEL: (506) 2290−1921/(506)2290−1293
P.O. Box 963−1007 /
Sabana Norte, 300m north & 25m west from the northwest corner of the ICE builinding.

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